We love what we do and sometimes we love it just a little more.

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When Dave came to us, he was in pain and couldn’t see. That’s a bad combination for sure.

He and his family run a local women’s and children’s shelter. Here’s a guy who has dedicated his life to giving back and for once needed a little help himself.

Here’s a snippet from the article:

“The old style lenses corrected my vision but moved a lot and often slid out of place. Also, living in Arizona the climate is often dry and windy making wearing contacts uncomfortable and often led to scratches on my eye surface which meant glasses until they healed, but glasses didn’t work so I was miserable.

Since being fit with your lenses the discomfort of living in a dry and windy environment is almost a thing of the past and the lenses are so comfortable I often forget I am wearing them at all. I also haven’t had a surface scratch since I started wearing them almost two years ago.”

Thanks Dave for letting us play a small part in your amazing story!