Thankfully this is rare but that grayish/bluish/greenish spot down there is a melanoma in the back of one of our patient’s eyes. You probably don’t need explanation of how bad a diagnosis that is to receive.Melanoma

How was it diagnosed? By comparing images and appearance in the microscope and comparing to results from 2011. The changes were subtle but enough to raise suspicion.

The diagnosis has been confirmed and she is undergoing a full metastatic workup (full body MRI, chest X-ray, etc.). Treatment should save her life and amazingly with the early diagnosis save some of the vision in this eye.

So are you going to get a choroidal melanoma diagnosis the next time you come in? Probably not.

However, just one more reason we need you to come in when scheduled. She had no pain nor any change in her vision. Had this patient not come in when she was supposed to……oh goodness.