Most folks’ eyes are near identical twins of each other and if not twins at least similar enough to be siblings. If you’re someone who has different prescriptions between the two eyes, this post is for you. How do you know? Well your lenses may be different thicknesses or you may notice a significant difference in power written on your contact lens boxes. You may be bored or get headaches when trying to watch 3D movies.

The problem that this difference creates is called aniseikonia. The problem with aniseikonia is more than just how do you spell it or say it. The problem is that one eye sees an image of one size and the other eye sees an image of a different size. When your brain tries to put these two images together, it gets confused and mad leading to eyestrain, double vision, and headaches.

Enter the SHAW lens. 


Eyeglasses made with the SHAW lens are the only spectacles available that correct aniseikonia. Enough flowery prose; let me tell you about a few of our patients.

Annie (not her real name) was a sweet 10 year old when I first saw her as a patient. Her father, a local general surgeon, had chatted with me about her over the past few years. She has amblyopia or “lazy eye” due to a big difference in prescription between the two eyes. She would never wear her glasses and no amount of patching or drops or visits to specialists over the past 4 years could get her seeing better. Long story short: we put her in SHAW lenses and every time I see her around town, she’s smiling and wearing her glasses. Her vision is improved and she’s starting to use both eyes together.

Bob is a retired Californian in his early 70s. He’s worn glasses since the 3rd grade and never goes a waking moment without his specs. He is very far sighted with lots of astigmatism and a moderate difference in prescription between the two eyes. Three days after picking up his glasses, I received this email:

“You need to know this is the first time in some 50 years or so of wearing glasses that I have not suffered from what was thought to be irritable bowel syndrome,  some levels of nausea and other tension related issues. It is like a whole new world for me emotionally.  You can use that statement  plus my name and reference if you want to do so.”

Above is a printout for Bob’s glasses using the SHAW software. On the left is a standard set of progressives and the right is his SHAW optimized lenses. This shows that we have doubled the field of vision Bob can use with both eyes together. On the bottom, the red dots moving to green show him going from double vision to clear, comfortable and single vision.

With a money back guarantee (which we have never had a patient take us up on because they all love their lenses) we love ’em. Learn more at