What gets me up on a Monday morning? Beautiful sunrise, smiling kids, gorgeous wife, coffee? All of the above help but what really gets me moving is knowing I get to ask people, “Which is better one or two?” And knowing that the best answer is, “About the same.” Pure torture :)

So what’s really going on when we’re doing the lens monster dance?


Well we’re trying to adjust light rays such that once they are refracted by the cornea and crystalline lens they are converged onto the fovea. Then we reduce the Interval of Sturm to correct any astigmatism. You asked.


“Oh no. I said 3 when I really meant 4 was clearer.” Don’t worry. It’s not only what you say behind the lens monster that goes into your prescription that I’m developing. I use your old Rx, what my instruments tell me, plus what you tell me to determine your prescription. Technicians, nurses, and doctors who can’t Rx glasses and contacts worth a darn only use what you tell them.

“Why is my contact lens prescription different than my glasses prescription?” For one contacts must be fit to your eye as they are a medical device. Different brands, different base curves, etc. all factor in. For the difference in power it is simple optics. As the lens (eyeglass or contact lens) is moved closer to the retina, it needs less minus power. You’ll notice that your contact lens prescription will be less minus or more plus power than your eyeglasses prescription.

So when I think I’m funny and use big technical words to describe eyeglasses prescription determination, then this happens:


And then I know it’s a Monday :)