LCI emblem_2C_287+7406I love being a Lion. Lions Clubs International is made up of over 1.3 million individuals around the world who live the motto “We Serve.” Maybe you’ve seen us around town wearing bright gold vests while collecting food for the food bank, money for the visually impaired or hosting a dinner for outstanding high school students.

Please join us in one of our biggest worldwide projects: eyeglasses recycling. It’s very simple. You have glasses and millions of people around the world don’t. We work alongside Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation in Phoenix and ALERT in Tucson.

Glasses simply need to be usable. They can be used, but broken and destroyed can’t be reinvigorated. Even non prescription sunglasses and over the counter reading glasses are highly valuable.


Here’s just one example of a pair of glasses traveling from Prescott, AZ to Banlung, Cambodia. This seamstress was using broken glasses since that was all she had. Living in the middle of no where she couldn’t get glasses and even if she did they would cost her about two weeks worth of wages.

Simply bring your eyeglasses (and hearing aids) into our office and we will get them to where they need to go. In fact Dr. Sullivan or I may hand deliver them to someone on the far side of the globe.


Oh and if you ever want to be my guest at a meeting of the Prescott Sunrise Lions Club, let me know. Thursdays 7am at Waffles N More on Iron Springs Road. Breakfast is on me :)