“My eyes are irritated” slideshow

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It's always fun when my buddies come and see me at the office. They always put stuff on their history form like they're pregnant or allergic to bullets just to see if I pay attention. I've also noticed a pattern. They ask how I'm doing and I go: check this out and pull out the iPad [...]

An Optometrist’s Guide to Long Range Flying

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I’m not much of a traveler but I’ve flown 24+ hour trips at least a half dozen times and will embark on the next ones in late January when we head back to Cambodia. The internet is full of advice on how to make long haul flights more enjoyable (ie: drink heavily before boarding and chase with NyQuil) but I figured I’d throw [...]

How to properly care for your soft contact lenses

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It seems so simple yet most of us can't seem to get it right so a refresher course is in order. Below are some helpful tips from our website but let me add some "blog extras." *Do NOT reuse solution* Let me reiterate that: do not "top off" the solution in your case. Each time [...]

The age old question: which is better one or two?

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What gets me up on a Monday morning? Beautiful sunrise, smiling kids, gorgeous wife, coffee? All of the above help but what really gets me moving is knowing I get to ask people, "Which is better one or two?" And knowing that the best answer is, "About the same." Pure torture :) So what's really [...]

Please donate your used glasses and hearing aids

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I love being a Lion. Lions Clubs International is made up of over 1.3 million individuals around the world who live the motto "We Serve." Maybe you've seen us around town wearing bright gold vests while collecting food for the food bank, money for the visually impaired or hosting a dinner for outstanding high school [...]

What’s this “scanning laser” yall keep talking about?

2023-12-17T20:50:39-07:00By |

Funny you should ask. Our new Optovue iVue is a Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomographer or SD-OCT if you prefer. If you want to know how it works you'll probably need to get a PhD in electrical engineering and applied physics. Fortunately much like you don't have to understand internal combustion to drive a [...]

Welcome to our blog

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Eyeballs fascinate us. The more we learn about vision, perception and ocular health the more amazed we become. It's tough to share those thoughts with a quick Facebook post or Google Plus listing hence the new blog. We'll be sharing about interesting patient encounters (no identifying data of course lest the HIPAA police come a [...]

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