2014 Year in Review

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It's not quite the end of the year but it's fun to look back at some of our highlights. -New Location! Obviously this was a pretty big deal. We moved in over Christmas/New Year's and haven't looked back. -Upgraded equipment. We love our new scanning laser and everyday enjoy the improved patient flow that our new [...]

New floaters? You HAVE to come in today.

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Tale of two brothers: Brother #1 noticed some "gnats" moving around in his vision like he was looking through a snow globe. After they didn't go away for a few days he called his older brother, the eye doctor, who told him he needed to be seen immediately. Long story short he had a large [...]

“My eyes are irritated” slideshow

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It's always fun when my buddies come and see me at the office. They always put stuff on their history form like they're pregnant or allergic to bullets just to see if I pay attention. I've also noticed a pattern. They ask how I'm doing and I go: check this out and pull out the iPad [...]

Could reading this article give you Macular Degeneration?

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If there's any two words that make patients and doctors alike turn white as a ghost they are "macular degeneration." Medicine has made incredible leaps and bounds over the past decade with anti-VEGF intravitreal (into the eye) injections but getting a needle in the eye every month isn't a fun prognosis. True medical miracle [...]

An Optometrist’s Guide to Long Range Flying

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I’m not much of a traveler but I’ve flown 24+ hour trips at least a half dozen times and will embark on the next ones in late January when we head back to Cambodia. The internet is full of advice on how to make long haul flights more enjoyable (ie: drink heavily before boarding and chase with NyQuil) but I figured I’d throw [...]

The age old question: which is better one or two?

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What gets me up on a Monday morning? Beautiful sunrise, smiling kids, gorgeous wife, coffee? All of the above help but what really gets me moving is knowing I get to ask people, "Which is better one or two?" And knowing that the best answer is, "About the same." Pure torture :) So what's really [...]