We are excited to now offer in office electrodiagnostic testing with the Diopsys NOVA system. This means earlier detection of glaucoma, macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis and many other issues.

Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) and Electroretinography (ERG) are objective tests meaning no response from the patient is required. All we need to do is connect the electrodes and have you look at a computer screen for a few moments. The test is painless, noninvasive and does not require dilation.


Electrophsyiology is the study of electrical impulses along the entire visual pathway. This covers from the eye to the far rear of the brain. Vision is based on the function of all parts of the eye and how that information is processed within the brain. Now we get the whole picture.


Dr. Sullivan has been using the Diopsys system for a month now and in that time:

  • diagnosed a healthy 45 year old lady with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Confirmed diagnosis by MRI and neurologist 2 weeks later. No one wants that diagnosis but better to know sooner than later.
  • discontinued medicated glaucoma eye drops for a few patients who were never sure of their diagnosis from previous doctors.
  • clarified to a patient that she did not have optic neuritis from MS after years of conflicting reports.
  • began treatment for early glaucoma for patients we have been monitoring but were never sure if they were losing vision. ERG helped confirm the need for treatment.
  • reassured patients taking Plaquenil that it is not negatively affecting their eyes.

All in all we are excited to continue providing state of the art care here in Prescott. There is no need for our patients to travel to Phoenix.

For more information, visit the Diopsys website by clicking here.