Tale of two brothers:

Flashes / Floaters

Brother #1 noticed some “gnats” moving around in his vision like he was looking through a snow globe. After they didn’t go away for a few days he called his older brother, the eye doctor, who told him he needed to be seen immediately. Long story short he had a large retinal detachment. Same day major surgery with significant recovery no doubt saved his eye but vision is now 20/100.


Brother #2 texted me: “What are you doing today?” “Running like crazy. Full schedule of patients. What’s going on?” “I have some new floaters.” “Alright dilate yourself (brother #2 is the eye doctor after all) and stop in during your lunch break.” It’s always an extra honor when an eye doctor trusts me with such a serious condition.

My staff was not impressed when I told them I was squeezing in yet another patient. I assured them that he will dilate himself so we don’t have to wait the 20 minutes for the drops to work and I don’t have to explain what’s going on–he already knows. All to well.

Turns out brother #2 had a retinal tear in his right eye. Fortunately no fluid had accumulated underneath causing a retinal detachment. A 10 minute laser procedure to “spot weld” the area around the tear and he was back to work.


Quick action meant his vision was saved.

If you experience new floaters or flashes of light, you have to come in immediately.